Bull Put Spread Timing Report for June 5, 2017

By Steve Lentz

As the below video explains, Friday’s SPX action was that of an Upswing Day following Thursday’s Upswing day.   This occurred while the 15-3-3 stochastic is in an Uptrend between 70 and 100 and the SPX is trending upward above its 50-day simple moving average.  This market condition has occurred 481 times since January 2000.  Our research indicates that, statistically speaking, it’s more likely than usual that Friday’s bar will end up being more favorable than usual for selling put option premium. Three reports are included in the video:  The SP 500 Condor/Butterfly Timing Report, the SP 500 Bull Put Spread Timing Report and the SP 500 Likelihood Report.  Both use market research unique to DiscoverOptions.


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